Woodworking Schools

Woodworking Schools – A Dying Trade

Prior to the invention of power tools for woodworking, woodworking schools provided individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to use new tools of the time in the creation of woodworking projects, primarily woodworking schools were for the creation of furniture and other large-scale projects. This is because it was significantly more difficult to create these types of projects with hand tools than power tools.

As a result of the invention of power tools and the modernizing nation and industrialization of woodworking, the necessity of woodworking schools has died out. While there are no longer many woodworking schools that are solely for woodworking there are a number of trade schools, which offer classes in woodworking. However, instead of the traditional curricula of woodworking schools these trade schools simply offered training in how to use the various power tools, and a few hand tools that are still in use today because of the level of detail work. That may not be able to be accomplished through the use of power tools.

Woodworking Replacement

Another reason why schools devoted to woodworking and classes devoted to woodworking has seen a decline is because the majority of homes and other locations which may make use of woodworking projects have actually found more cost effective alternatives to wood. For example, it used to be when an individual discussed wood flooring, they were talking about pine or oak or walnut. In addition, they were referencing actual wood. However, these days, the majority of individuals who speak about wood flooring are actually talking about paneling, which simulates the look and feel of wood. There are also a variety of laminates and pseudo-wood options that provide the look and feel of real wood at a fraction of the cost.

As a result the necessity of woodworking schools has dropped to the point that it is non-existent and the woodworking trade has become something of a custom or out of the ordinary occupation. What was once something that was necessary for any household has now become something, thanks to industrialization and modern technology that is only used by people who are looking for something in particular to grace their homes. Furniture is no longer made by hand making each piece a unique expression of not only the crafter but the wood itself. It is mass-produced in factories. Woodworking has become a thing of the past or a thing for hobbies rather than a trade and career.

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