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How to Identify Your Target Market

If you want your woodworking business to succeed, you need to identify your target market. Your target market will be the ideal people that will buy your products without much trouble. Here are some tips to help you get the right target market.

1. Talk to people- You need to talk to your friends and colleagues and make sure you get a review from them. Let them freely tell you what they think of the project and if possible let them give you other suggestions that may work. This is one of the best ways of getting free reviews on the products.

2. Know your competitors- You need to know that the particular field that you want to engage in will have the probability of other businesses that exist on the same. You need to make sure you study what your competitor has to offer. With this in mind, you need to make sure that you make your woodwork to be much better than that of your competitors.

3. Use the internet- The internet is home to many things and among them is the social networks. You need to make sure that you join the social networking sites that give you the opportunity to get the reviews. To make sure you get the attention of the right audience, you need to set up a page on the networks. Allow people to post suggestions and even questions on it. With this in mind, you will be in a good position to tell what will work and what will not.

4. Use the focus groups- You need to carry out face to face research. Get a group of people together and with a set of pre-planned questions you need to ask them if they like your product or what they would want you to produce that you are not already producing.

Knowing your target market will definitely help you get the right audience for your products. It is also the main thing that will determine if your business will be successful or not. Please do your research beforehand. Knowing what you are going to produce will determine the kind of tools that you will need. It will also determine if you will need to rent a bigger working space or if using your garage will be adequate. Getting the right target market is not all; you need to thoroughly market your products.

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Create Your Sales Channel – Offline and Online

Just like any other form of business, woodworking will need you to use the best marketing strategies if you want to reap good profits from the same. It is clear that many people are nowadays advertising their business both online and offline. There are various ways that you can do both forms of advertising. Let’s begin by the offline marketing strategies.

Offline marketing strategies have been around for quite a while now. You need to know that even before the coming of the computers and internet, people would advertise their businesses by use of posters, fliers, putting adverts on the newspapers, magazines and many more. Many people still read the papers and they will also have a look at the advertisements. You need to tap into this resource.

On the other hand, you can easily note that the coming of computers and even the internet has changed how many people operate their business. Like the offline strategy, the online marketing also comes in a number of ways. You can simply set up a blog for free. You can let people know what you are up to on the blogs. Another way is to use the forums. There are many forums that will specifically talk of a given subject. You need to find forums that focus on woodworking. Here you will find both experts and buyers that are willing to buy your woodworking. Another way to do your online and one that works best is by coming up with a good website. You need to have enough SEO on your site if you want to attract the right kind of traffic. More so, make sure that you use all the proven methods to drive traffic to your site.

A good marketing strategy will actually make sure you get the customers that you want. Both techniques will also need you to come up with new and innovative ways that will see you make a good income. Know that each type of marketing whether online or offline will have its advantages. For instance, online advertising is much easier and cheaper to do. On the other hand, with offline marketing you get to have the marketing message to stay for longer in your customers mind. You need to use both methods so that even when you tend to drop rank for whatever reason, you are still able to get the offline attention. You can always combine the use of the two for maximum benefits.

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You Must Specialize In A Niche To Succeed

Woodworking is a broad subject that will need you to be specific if you want to get the good profits. Woodworking can cover anything from making toys all the way to furniture and more. With such a broad subject, you need to be very clear on the kind of business that you need to do. You need to have a niche. A niche in this case will mean that you need to identify the parts that are not adequately covered in the business and maximizing your efforts in the same.

Your niche will need you to first identify the areas that are not covered. For instance, if it is the garden benches, you must take into account if people within your locality have gardens. If they do, check the kind of gardens that they keep. In most cases you may realize that even when they have the garden benches, they do not have good benches. With this in mind, you can then get to provide them with good benches. Another case in mind is the toys for children. You need to carefully determine if you have children in your area. If you do then you will definitely not go wrong by making toys for sale.

Having a niche is very important for then you will be able to know the right kind of SEO techniques to use. Know that in order to have good recognition in the internet, using the optimization methods is a must. The SEO knowledge will help you attract the right kind of traffic to your website.

Without a niche to guide you, somewhere along the way you will lose focus. You need to have your eyes set on the ball. The ball in this case will mean the right kind of woodwork projects. You should take extra caution when looking for a niche for your woodwork. Make sure that the project you decide to indulge in is the best for you. Some projects will need you to have power machines and others are easy to do with simple hand tools.

In business, having a sense of direction is always positive. It is also easier to have a plan to follow that will always tell you the stage that you are in, in your business. Niche marketing is very important for your business. Make sure that you identify the right kind of niche before you even begin buying your tools.

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Learn To Control Your Costs

Any form of business needs one to know how to calculate the costs if you want to get the profits. You need to have a proper way of calculating the costs. At times, one may put a final price on the product with the mind that they are making money only to find out that they are making losses. You have to have a defined way of calculating the costs so as to get the best out of the business. Here are some of the things that you should put into consideration if you want to earn good income.

1. Cost of materials

The cost of material will be inclusive of all the materials that you use on the project. You need to always jot down all cost incurred when you purchase material. Start with the obvious costs like cost of lumber, hardware and plywood among others. Please take your time and include the costs of the materials that you may otherwise consider as miscellaneous. Such costs can be the cost of varnish, sandpaper and more.

2. Labor Costs

Are you supposed to include the cost of your own personal labor? Yes, you should include it. To get a good cost of your labor, you need to put into focus the amount that you would pay an employee to do the work and put that onto your labor. Make sure that the quality of work done reflects on the labor costs. The easiest way of getting the labor costs is to calculate it as a percentage of the material costs.

3. Overhead Costs

The overhead costs include all the other costs that you incur even when you do not work. Such costs are things like rent, office expenses, advertising, insurance, among other things. Make sure you also include the costs of shop supplies that are too minor to track separately.

4. Profit Margin

You need to make sure that you make a profit. It is important to make sure that the profit margin is different from other costs. In fact, your profit is quite different from the labor costs. Your profit margin ought to be the amount that you deserve for taking the entrepreneurial risk.

Finally, if you are going to cater for shipping costs, make sure that you include the costs for the same on the product. If your products are of high quality then you will get good customers that will not complain of the price of the product.

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What To Build To Make Profits

Woodworking is a great art and hobby that you can quickly turn into business. You need to know that different woodwork projects will have different markets. For instance, if you are making toys, then your target market should be the parents who have young children. You would be greatly misplaced if you make the toys in an area where the larger population that exists is the middle aged and the old aged people. You would also not make much money by making garden benches in an area where people hardly have gardens in their compound. With this in mind, it is very important that you find the right projects to build that will see you make good money. Here are some of the great projects that you can get to do so as to earn a good amount of profit.

1. Toys

Toys are simple projects that will not demand that you have a lot of resources. With the simple hand tools you will comfortably be able to make good toys. The other good news is that you can begin the project right from your garage to save on the cost that you would incur on rent. Know that the toy projects would not take much of your space and thus you will be able to comfortably work from a small area. You can never go wrong with the toy projects especially if you are in the urban area or when your target population is in the urban area for you will always find young families and children.

2. Furniture

Just take a brief survey of most homes that you get to. Did you notice that they have most of their furniture made of wood? Right from the coffee table all the way to the seats, you will realize that many people love wood to be used on their furniture. The reasons for the wide preference for wood are many, but one that stands out is that it is an inexpensive doing. With this in mind, as a woodworker, you need to research and find the particular furniture projects that people would not do without and engage in the building of the same.

3. Fence

Many people have their fences in wood. It makes the home get the more natural look and it is easy to set up. You will always find people who want their fence to be repaired while others will need new fence. Because the fence acts as a form of security, you will obviously get order to put up the same.

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Turning Woodworking From Hobby to Business

Woodworking is an art/craft, depending on how you look at it, that can see you earn quite substantial amounts. There are people who love woodworking, but just do it as a hobby. The good news is that if you have interest in the subject than transforming it from a hobby to business is quite easy and this article is just going to show you how.

Have tools that you will use for your woodworking. The kind of tools that you will need for your projects will depend on the vastness of your business. If you want to start small, then having simple hand tools will prove to be adequate. You need to buy high quality tools like a hand drill, a timber saw, measurement tools and more. On the other hand, if you want to have large scale production then you will need heavy machinery like a power saw and more. Make sure that the space that you plan to use is adequate.

You need to have clearly marked out your niche. Woodworking is a broad subject that can see you produce anything from a simple birdhouse all the way to production of office and home furniture. You need to copyright your products to avoid cases where people can steal your ideas for their own benefit.

Make sure you advertise. Know that you are no longer doing your woodworking for the fun of it. There are many ways that you can advertise your products. You can use the internet. Using the internet will need you to put up a website. You can have a variety of sample pictures on the website. You also need to know all the ways of putting up a good website if you want to get enough traffic. You need to use the internet to not only advertise, but also to sell. With the website you will be able to tap into potential market that cuts across country boundaries.

Still on the above, you can also make use of word of mouth. Inform your friends and neighbors of your business this is a very inexpensive way of getting your word out there.
Use the internet to get new ideas for your woodworking. There are many plans that are available on the internet of which some are free. You need to use the plans that are available here to improve on your skills. You can always get to learn new ideas using the available plans.

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Woodworking Training

Woodworking Training Can Be Laborious Affair

Before power tools and computers took over a large segment of the industry, woodworking training involved years of working with an experienced woodworker to learn the craft. Before embarking on a trip to their own woodshed, these apprentices toiled hours a day, performing many of the tasks that the journeyman may have grown tired of, but while they worked they learned important lessons. Today, those looking for woodworking training may find small classes offered for a short period, but it is difficult to find experienced woodworkers willing to take on a training assignment.

There are some woodworkers that are willing to take on a person new to working with their hands, and many offer to help with woodworking training for periods of a week to five weeks. This may be enough time to learn the basics and how to use some of the hand tools needed in working with wood, but generally the student will have to do a lot of practice on their own.

There is also woodworking training available online, but for the most part this type of instruction focuses on the theories of woodworking, possibly even studies of the various types of wood, but the practical application of this woodworking training will be up to the individual students to achieve on their own. Perhaps combining an internet course with a hands-on week or so with an experienced person can help people achieve their goal.

Identifying The Market For Experienced Woodworkers

There are homeowners in nearly every market that would like to have custom cabinets in their kitchens and bathrooms, or a hand made filing cabinet and book shelves but a lack of experienced people sends them to commercial outlets for their merchandise. Before embarking on a career change with woodworking training, the need for the craft in the area should be explored.

Like any other industry, insuring there is a call for woodworkers before embarking on the woodworking training can be a prudent move towards a successful future. Check out the local phone book and other publications where craftsmen advertise their expertise and do not forget to contact some of the local people offering home repair services to see if they offer the type of work being planned.

For some, woodworking training may open the door to offering repair and refinishing opportunities for a wide range of projects. A person can find a lucrative business if they can replace broken table legs with an exact replica, or repair a tabletop with deep scratches and many of these skills can be learned in a woodworking training course.

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Woodworking Tips

Simple Woodworking Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Woodworking like anything else becomes easier the more you learn about it. If you are just starting out then there is a possibility that there are some things that seem really hard. Simple woodworking tips may seem obvious but once you know about them you can work on your projects without making mistakes or taking a long time to finish.

With the right woodworking tips you can improve your woodworking skills and projects. The first step is to make sure that you are sufficiently prepared and have read through all the instructions properly. Have all your tools on hand as well to minimize mistakes.

The Right Measurements

Measurements are everything in woodworking. Without the right measurements you can end up with something that is too big or too small, or doesn’t fit together properly. Marking your wood before cutting is important to make sure you have the right size pieces. But what if you have a very dark wood that needs to be cut?

Can’t tell where you made your markings no matter how dark and thick you make them? One of the woodworking tips that will easily solve this matter is to use a white pencil. You can buy this from an art supply shop or use soapstone that is used in metalwork.

Clean Finish

Using putty and wood fillers to close an annoying gap between miter joints is messy and unnecessary. One of the handy woodworking tips to use is to the edge of a screwdriver to round the edges so that the gap is disguised. This works for small gaps and is very easy and fast to do.

Cleaning Up

Have lots of metal objects lying around? Easy clean up is just a magnet away. Put a magnet into a plastic bag or Ziploc bag and let the magnet attract all the metal bits. Then invert plastic so that the metal pieces are safely inside the bag and the magnet on the outside. Perfect to pick up nails that have scattered.

Plywood Tips

Woodworking tips that deal with plywood are probably quite welcome. Plywood is cheap but is flimsy and can be frustrating to work with. One good tip is to cut across the length of the wood. It will chip when you cut across the width. Cut along the length and the wood will not splinter. You can also score the cut line with a utility knife to make cutting easier.

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Woodworking Supplies

Choosing Woodworking Supplies

Determining what woodworking supplies you will need for your project is half the battle, the other half being finding a good supplier for your supplies. While there are many online stores to purchase woodworking supplies from, it is best to work with someone locally so that you can examine the products before you purchase them. If you are new to woodworking, you may want to look to see if you can find a local woodworking group and ask them where they get their woodworking supplies. Many times these groups can be a valuable resource.

Selecting Good Woodworking Supplies

The most difficult and most important item to select among your woodworking supplies is the actual wood. Quality will vary greatly between different pieces of wood, and it is imperative that you find a supplier you can trust.

In addition to wood, other woodworking supplies that you want to get locally will include furniture and cabinet hardware. Quality again varies greatly between different hardware and even hardware from the same manufacturer. It is best to examine it in person to ensure that you are getting a quality product and that the color matches what your plan is for your project as images on the internet may not be a true representation of the actual hardware.

Tools are another item that you will want to get locally to make sure that they feel comfortable and are easy to use. Without examining them yourself, it can be impossible to tell if the tool will work for you. You may or may not be able to find one source for all your woodworking supplies, but do not be afraid to shop around and use multiple shops. It can be easier to get everything in one place but this may not be in your best interest.

Some shops that have outstanding wood may not match it with quality hardware or even carry the tools you are looking for. For the most part, finding several suppliers of high quality woodworking supplies is easy. There is always the Home Depot and Lowes option, although generally speaking smaller shops will provide you with higher quality products at better prices.

If you know for a fact that you want a specific tool and it is carried at one of the larger hardware stores, by all means purchase it there if that is what you want. Again, the important thing when looking for woodworking supplies is to not limit your options.

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Woodworking Shows

How to Find Woodworking Shows

Woodworking is an art that focuses on the construction of various materials out of wood. Woodworking allows the builder to construct different pieces on their own by using wood and simple construction projects to finish a project. Woodworking does require a considerable amount of time and specific equipment but is very enjoyable.

Woodworking Shows

Woodworking shows are extremely popular these days, as they offer visitors knowledge and firsthand experience in the world of woodworking. The London Woodworking Show is one of the longest running and takes place in London, Ontario.

This is a retail show that features everything for the woodworker and hobbyist. Each year, they feature sales and demonstrations of top of the line woodworking equipment and machinery, finishing supplies, displays, wildlife sculptors, decoy carvers and much more. There is something for the entire family, and you will have a great time and meet other woodworking enthusiasts.

Another of the most popular woodworking shows is the Canwest Woodworking Tool Show and Sale. Of all the woodworking shows in the world this is one of the largest and longest running, and it is no wonder, as there are over eighty different booths packed in the venue selling every kind of woodworking tool and equipment available.

There is such a variety that there is sure to be something for everyone, so it is great for the whole family. Just a few of the top selling woodworking names that will be featured at this show include Dowelmax, Elite Tools, European Nuts, Island Woodcraft, Freud Canada, Microbois, Panasonic Canada, Toys and Joys, Woodworkers Haven, Stockroom Supply, Telekit Inc., and Premier Finishing Solutions.

Learning More

There are also other ways to learn more about woodworking besides woodworking shows. There are woodworking courses and classes available that you can take, for instance, and many other ways to broaden your horizon on this fascinating art form.

You may just feel adventurous and simply want to dive into the activity and see how well you perform, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. You may just want to learn on your own and take the lessons of this craft from the mistakes that you make. There are some fabulous woodworking books and other materials that you can use to help you along, and just remember that if this is the way you want to go about it you should have a woodworking plan at hand so that you will not be starting a project just out of pure guesswork.

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