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5 Small House Ideas to Make Your Tiny Home Liveable

Tiny Home, or sometimes identifies as “small house”, means being content of what is enough and essential, living in a fullness, and creating a life in concentrated with what is more important.

To live in a small home makes your creativity boost in a hurry. And, taking charge of your limited space in an efficient way that still makes your tiny home more livable could be a quite challenge. From small living and dining rooms to small kitchens, small comfort rooms, small bedrooms, and storage solutions in a small space.

For this reason, it comes up on deciding if where all your stuff goes and what you’re going to do with all your stuff? Just because you are living in a limited space it doesn’t mean that you have to think in a limited way. You must have the mindset of,’ even though it was small yet spacious’. Here are some home ideas to make your tiny home much more livable:

1. Choose Your Furnishings In Two Or More Duty, Or Purposes

When space is limited, pieces that can do two or more duty or purposes are a key; from a desk that could easily transform into a table, to a couch was a perfectly packed for the living area. Or, your seating that can turn into storage. Then, it was more worth livable in things that can perform into two or more purposes.

2. A Round Dining Table and Chairs

Throw away the giant tables and have yourself an extra space by choosing and opting to a roundtable. A round dining table and chairs take up less space and make the area appear openly. Round tables and round chairs are great for managing out a bit of premium space. Thus, it provides a better flow throughout the area and can offer and cater more of the seat to people.

3. Shelves instead of Regular Cabinets (in Kitchen)

Obviously, the most possible choice to kitchen cabinets for tiny homes is shelves. It was expected that you have only the limited space, so it is more preferably to use shelves than installing lots of cabinets in your kitchen room. So, using shelves instead of regular kitchen cabinets might work so well if you are likely to have a more space to move around.

Aside from Shelves, here are some alternatives to Kitchen Cabinets for small houses;

  • A Hoosier Cabinet

Rather than a shelf, try to consider installing a Hoosier cabinet. A type of cupboard that is free-standing in designed, very applicable to storing flour, spices and other condiments and items.

  • Repurposed Cabinets

It is your budget that was concerned about, repurposed cabinets is a good choice; of course, it is much cheaper than the brand new.

  • Pockets and Bags

It is not the usual option for storing items but it can perform the same as well. By means of attaching a hook and then hanging on it the pockets and bags wherein it can hold items that arein your kitchen.

  • A Dishrack

A quick and easy tool, rather than storing your plates and utensils into your cupboard better use a dish rack so as you wash the dishes, put it on the dish rack, let it dry, and then able to take it again and use it for another meal.

  • Jars and Containers

The easiest and the simplest way to store your items, you just have to stack up everything in order using jars and containers.

  • A dresser

A dresser is another piece of kitchen storage wherein you can store your food, cutlery, and utensils.

  • Boxes, Crates, or Pallets

You can also use boxes, crates, or pallets as kitchen storage by collecting them then fixing it to create a drawer applicable for your tiny home.

  • Under-Shelf Wire baskets

In this situation, when you have had already shelves or cupboards in your tiny home, you may notice the unused space in there. Thus, you can have more extra shelves by simply hanging wire baskets underneath the old one.

  • A Cabinet and Shelving

To keep your belongings easy and simple in your small house, you can install a cabinet and shelves that can hide your things over the curtains.

  • Rails and Hooks

Instead of hiding your kitchen utensils behind the curtain, you could at least hang them up and be seen. By attaching rails and hooks on your wall, you can now hang anything you want from your kitchen

  • A magnetic Strips

It looks so brilliant, the idea of using magnetic strips for your kitchen items than seeing it hang off on the walls.

  • And, a kitchen food box shelf

A storage shelf is the latest trend custom-made food container online. Thus, it is able to store all sort of foods in your kitchen.

As it was named and listed, there are lots of storage solutions you may use rather than shelves or regular kitchen cabinets for your small houses.

4. Hang Your TV on the Wall

A place for media needs to provide a big space in your limited living room area. For this reason, you can hang your TV on the wall so that you can use back the necessary space for the floor. And finally, you will have a better and comfortable viewing in your tiny home.

5. Make Every Piece Count

Though the item was in your living room, kitchen area, bathrooms, and bedrooms or ‘relaxation area’, make sure every piece that was in there really counts. Has its own functionality and is essential for your everyday basis. And yet, doesn’t give a lot of space in your small house.

Final Thought 

Even if you are living in a big house or on the small ones, keep in mind that you can still live your life out to the fullest. It does not require having a big house to call it a livable home or even the small one does. It is out of your love and creativity that reflects on how you are living. Making every little space counts and performs it in reality.

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Woodworking Training

Woodworking Training Can Be Laborious Affair

Before power tools and computers took over a large segment of the industry, woodworking training involved years of working with an experienced woodworker to learn the craft. Before embarking on a trip to their own woodshed, these apprentices toiled hours a day, performing many of the tasks that the journeyman may have grown tired of, but while they worked they learned important lessons. Today, those looking for woodworking training may find small classes offered for a short period, but it is difficult to find experienced woodworkers willing to take on a training assignment.

There are some woodworkers that are willing to take on a person new to working with their hands, and many offer to help with woodworking training for periods of a week to five weeks. This may be enough time to learn the basics and how to use some of the hand tools needed in working with wood, but generally the student will have to do a lot of practice on their own.

There is also woodworking training available online, but for the most part this type of instruction focuses on the theories of woodworking, possibly even studies of the various types of wood, but the practical application of this woodworking training will be up to the individual students to achieve on their own. Perhaps combining an internet course with a hands-on week or so with an experienced person can help people achieve their goal.

Identifying The Market For Experienced Woodworkers

There are homeowners in nearly every market that would like to have custom cabinets in their kitchens and bathrooms, or a hand made filing cabinet and book shelves but a lack of experienced people sends them to commercial outlets for their merchandise. Before embarking on a career change with woodworking training, the need for the craft in the area should be explored.

Like any other industry, insuring there is a call for woodworkers before embarking on the woodworking training can be a prudent move towards a successful future. Check out the local phone book and other publications where craftsmen advertise their expertise and do not forget to contact some of the local people offering home repair services to see if they offer the type of work being planned.

For some, woodworking training may open the door to offering repair and refinishing opportunities for a wide range of projects. A person can find a lucrative business if they can replace broken table legs with an exact replica, or repair a tabletop with deep scratches and many of these skills can be learned in a woodworking training course.

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Woodworking Tips

Simple Woodworking Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Woodworking like anything else becomes easier the more you learn about it. If you are just starting out then there is a possibility that there are some things that seem really hard. Simple woodworking tips may seem obvious but once you know about them you can work on your projects without making mistakes or taking a long time to finish.

With the right woodworking tips you can improve your woodworking skills and projects. The first step is to make sure that you are sufficiently prepared and have read through all the instructions properly. Have all your tools on hand as well to minimize mistakes.

The Right Measurements

Measurements are everything in woodworking. Without the right measurements you can end up with something that is too big or too small, or doesn’t fit together properly. Marking your wood before cutting is important to make sure you have the right size pieces. But what if you have a very dark wood that needs to be cut?

Can’t tell where you made your markings no matter how dark and thick you make them? One of the woodworking tips that will easily solve this matter is to use a white pencil. You can buy this from an art supply shop or use soapstone that is used in metalwork.

Clean Finish

Using putty and wood fillers to close an annoying gap between miter joints is messy and unnecessary. One of the handy woodworking tips to use is to the edge of a screwdriver to round the edges so that the gap is disguised. This works for small gaps and is very easy and fast to do.

Cleaning Up

Have lots of metal objects lying around? Easy clean up is just a magnet away. Put a magnet into a plastic bag or Ziploc bag and let the magnet attract all the metal bits. Then invert plastic so that the metal pieces are safely inside the bag and the magnet on the outside. Perfect to pick up nails that have scattered.

Plywood Tips

Woodworking tips that deal with plywood are probably quite welcome. Plywood is cheap but is flimsy and can be frustrating to work with. One good tip is to cut across the length of the wood. It will chip when you cut across the width. Cut along the length and the wood will not splinter. You can also score the cut line with a utility knife to make cutting easier.

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Woodworking Supplies

Choosing Woodworking Supplies

Determining what woodworking supplies you will need for your project is half the battle, the other half being finding a good supplier for your supplies. While there are many online stores to purchase woodworking supplies from, it is best to work with someone locally so that you can examine the products before you purchase them. If you are new to woodworking, you may want to look to see if you can find a local woodworking group and ask them where they get their woodworking supplies. Many times these groups can be a valuable resource.

Selecting Good Woodworking Supplies

The most difficult and most important item to select among your woodworking supplies is the actual wood. Quality will vary greatly between different pieces of wood, and it is imperative that you find a supplier you can trust.

In addition to wood, other woodworking supplies that you want to get locally will include furniture and cabinet hardware. Quality again varies greatly between different hardware and even hardware from the same manufacturer. It is best to examine it in person to ensure that you are getting a quality product and that the color matches what your plan is for your project as images on the internet may not be a true representation of the actual hardware.

Tools are another item that you will want to get locally to make sure that they feel comfortable and are easy to use. Without examining them yourself, it can be impossible to tell if the tool will work for you. You may or may not be able to find one source for all your woodworking supplies, but do not be afraid to shop around and use multiple shops. It can be easier to get everything in one place but this may not be in your best interest.

Some shops that have outstanding wood may not match it with quality hardware or even carry the tools you are looking for. For the most part, finding several suppliers of high quality woodworking supplies is easy. There is always the Home Depot and Lowes option, although generally speaking smaller shops will provide you with higher quality products at better prices.

If you know for a fact that you want a specific tool and it is carried at one of the larger hardware stores, by all means purchase it there if that is what you want. Again, the important thing when looking for woodworking supplies is to not limit your options.

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Woodworking Shows

How to Find Woodworking Shows

Woodworking is an art that focuses on the construction of various materials out of wood. Woodworking allows the builder to construct different pieces on their own by using wood and simple construction projects to finish a project. Woodworking does require a considerable amount of time and specific equipment but is very enjoyable.

Woodworking Shows

Woodworking shows are extremely popular these days, as they offer visitors knowledge and firsthand experience in the world of woodworking. The London Woodworking Show is one of the longest running and takes place in London, Ontario.

This is a retail show that features everything for the woodworker and hobbyist. Each year, they feature sales and demonstrations of top of the line woodworking equipment and machinery, finishing supplies, displays, wildlife sculptors, decoy carvers and much more. There is something for the entire family, and you will have a great time and meet other woodworking enthusiasts.

Another of the most popular woodworking shows is the Canwest Woodworking Tool Show and Sale. Of all the woodworking shows in the world this is one of the largest and longest running, and it is no wonder, as there are over eighty different booths packed in the venue selling every kind of woodworking tool and equipment available.

There is such a variety that there is sure to be something for everyone, so it is great for the whole family. Just a few of the top selling woodworking names that will be featured at this show include Dowelmax, Elite Tools, European Nuts, Island Woodcraft, Freud Canada, Microbois, Panasonic Canada, Toys and Joys, Woodworkers Haven, Stockroom Supply, Telekit Inc., and Premier Finishing Solutions.

Learning More

There are also other ways to learn more about woodworking besides woodworking shows. There are woodworking courses and classes available that you can take, for instance, and many other ways to broaden your horizon on this fascinating art form.

You may just feel adventurous and simply want to dive into the activity and see how well you perform, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. You may just want to learn on your own and take the lessons of this craft from the mistakes that you make. There are some fabulous woodworking books and other materials that you can use to help you along, and just remember that if this is the way you want to go about it you should have a woodworking plan at hand so that you will not be starting a project just out of pure guesswork.

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Woodworking Shop

Today’s Woodworking Shop A Power Hungry Haven

Not many years ago, nearly every home had its own woodworking shop, where one family member may have spent hours working on simple projects or making repairs to furniture. With the number of available power tools available for working with wood, today’s woodworking shop may resemble a small commercial factory. In addition to the hand tools such as drills and jigsaws, the shop may also contain a lathe, planer, jointer and table saws.

Many use the home woodworking shop as a haven to get away from the stresses of family life. As long as they are producing useful products in their shop, very few will complain about the amount of time spent working in their isolated space. There are a couple of things that will be necessary in every valid home woodworking shop, to make getting away from everything else more bearable and more productive.

One of the key items in any woodworking shop is the workbench. Most people will build their own to insure that it is strong enough and stable to withstand the beatings that it is likely to take. The bench needs to be big enough to handle the largest project that may be made in the shop, and also needs to be perfectly level.

Tool Arrangement Important In Shop Design

When a person is working on a project in their woodworking shop, they do not need to spend time moving one tool in order to use another one. Consider the types of projects likely to be made in the shop and arrange the power tools accordingly. This can prevent one tool from being in the way when they move onto the next segment of the project.

The sander, belt or circular, should be located near the end of the production line, as typically it will be the last phase of any wood project. However, to protect the health of the person working in the woodworking shop, a strong vacuum cleaner will be necessary to reduce the amount of sawdust hovering in the air. There should also be a ready supply of breathing masks to prevent the person working with the wood from breathing in the sawdust.

Located somewhere near the power tools should be a fully stocked first aid kit and a means of calling for help if an accident does occur. Even the most experienced person working in a woodworking shop is subject to an accident and it is always better to be prepared. Familiarity with the tools is an important part of quality craftsmanship, but it can also lead to making mistakes that can quickly turn a small project into disaster.

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Woodworking Schools

Woodworking Schools – A Dying Trade

Prior to the invention of power tools for woodworking, woodworking schools provided individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to use new tools of the time in the creation of woodworking projects, primarily woodworking schools were for the creation of furniture and other large-scale projects. This is because it was significantly more difficult to create these types of projects with hand tools than power tools.

As a result of the invention of power tools and the modernizing nation and industrialization of woodworking, the necessity of woodworking schools has died out. While there are no longer many woodworking schools that are solely for woodworking there are a number of trade schools, which offer classes in woodworking. However, instead of the traditional curricula of woodworking schools these trade schools simply offered training in how to use the various power tools, and a few hand tools that are still in use today because of the level of detail work. That may not be able to be accomplished through the use of power tools.

Woodworking Replacement

Another reason why schools devoted to woodworking and classes devoted to woodworking has seen a decline is because the majority of homes and other locations which may make use of woodworking projects have actually found more cost effective alternatives to wood. For example, it used to be when an individual discussed wood flooring, they were talking about pine or oak or walnut. In addition, they were referencing actual wood. However, these days, the majority of individuals who speak about wood flooring are actually talking about paneling, which simulates the look and feel of wood. There are also a variety of laminates and pseudo-wood options that provide the look and feel of real wood at a fraction of the cost.

As a result the necessity of woodworking schools has dropped to the point that it is non-existent and the woodworking trade has become something of a custom or out of the ordinary occupation. What was once something that was necessary for any household has now become something, thanks to industrialization and modern technology that is only used by people who are looking for something in particular to grace their homes. Furniture is no longer made by hand making each piece a unique expression of not only the crafter but the wood itself. It is mass-produced in factories. Woodworking has become a thing of the past or a thing for hobbies rather than a trade and career.

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Woodworking Routers

An Overview Of Woodworking Routers

If you’re thinking of putting together a woodworking shop, one of the things your eventually going to want to have is a woodworking router. This is one of the most useful and versatile pieces of machinery your ever going to own. Woodworking routers are typically uses for making a variety of different cuts on the edges of boards. The variety of different bits available allow you to do some pretty amazing things.

Types Of Routers

There are two basic types of woodworking routers – fixed base and plunge type. You’ll need to know the difference between the two before making the purchase. A plunge style router allows you to adjust the depth of your cut while the router is turned on. This type of router is usually heavier and more expensive. The main advantage of a plunge router is being able to cut a bit deeper with each pass across the wood. The base is a sort of plunger mechanism that allows you to cut deeper as you place more pressure on the unit. The fixed base router is just what it sounds like, the base cannot be adjusted while the router is in use. Obviously, without the extra mechanism, the router will have less weight and is generally more affordable than the other type.


There are a few other things to consider before you choose a woodworking router. Obviously, no matter what, you’re going to want the best quality that you can afford. First you’ll need to consider what type of projects you are going to be doing. Are you going to try and earn an income with your woodworking tools? If so, you’ll want to spend a little more on something that can accommodate a wide range of different jobs. If you’re going to use it only for personal use every once in a while, you may not want to make quite as big an investment. The amount of use you plan on getting out of your woodworking router is a major factor in what type you will buy.

It may be a good idea to rent a woodworking router when you need one at first. This will give you an idea of the types of things you will be using it for and how often you actually need one. The last thing you want to do is purchase an expensive piece of equipment, only to let it lay around and collect dust because you never use it.

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Woodworking Projects

Simple Woodworking Projects

The best way to really get into woodworking is to start off with simple woodworking projects. People most often get frustrated because the initial woodworking projects they select are too complex for their skill level. By trying a few initial simple woodworking projects you will be able to hone your skills without costing yourself a fortune. In addition, if woodworking is not for you you will be able to figure that out very quickly without a large investment.

First Project

For the first of our simple woodworking projects I would recommend building a letter holder. This practical item can ad a nice hand made touch to your home as well as provide a useful function. In addition, they are relatively simple to make and require very few raw materials and tools.

You will need several things to complete this project. First is a 2 foot by 2 foot sheet of plywood or panel board. Next is a 6 foot by three quarter by one and half long board. In addition to the wood, you will need around fifty panel pans, fifteen wood screws, five key hooks and some PVA wood glue.

Lay out the plywood and draw a top decorative section with black marker. This will be the top of the letter holder. A simple way to draw this decoration is to take 3 plates and lay them on top of the board. Take the black marker and follow the outline tracing out the top half. Cut along the top to separate the wood.

Next you will need to cut all the pieces for the mail slots. Once those are cut, mount and attach them to the plywood. Using the leftover wood you cut off of the top, square it off and attach it to the rails you mounted on the plywood. Put in your five key hooks and you are done! The first of many simple woodworking projects is complete.

Second Project

For your next project I recommend looking for plans to build a planter box. Many can be found quickly and easily online. The only thing you really have to consider is the size of the plants you want to put into it and whether the design matches up with the general décor of your yard. After this project is complete you are ready to start selecting woodworking projects of your own. Chairs, tables, and other furniture can be attempted. Again look for free plans and build with confidence.

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Woodworking Power Tools

Woodworking Power Tools – Shave Time Off Your Projects

There is something to be said about knowing that a piece of woodcraft has been created totally by hand using traditional methods. There is a sense of history and tradition in such pieces however there is also something to be said about woodworking power tools and creating the same piece in a fraction of the time.

Woodworking power tools can help anyone in the art of woodcraft to be able to complete wonderful works of art or functional designs in a fraction of the time and with less effort while still producing a wonderful quality. There are all kind of woodworking power tools that can accomplish any type of woodworking.

Various Types Of Woodworking Power Tools

There are all sorts of woodworking power tools that can help you to accomplish the projects that you have in mind with woodworking in a fraction of the time and with a significant amount of ease. In addition, it is usually easier to use power tools then to use hand tools to accomplish a variety of different aspects to woodworking.

For example, there is something to be said about creating a piece of furniture from scratch using traditional methods and hand tools. However, the amount of time it takes to create such a piece and the amount of knowledge it takes can make it a daunting task for anyone who is just getting started in the art of woodcraft. However, the use of power tools makes it possible for individuals with little to no knowledge of woodworking to be able to accomplish complex pieces.

While for some this may seem like cheating in a time honored and traditional craft, there is something to be said for having homemade pieces in your home or to give people gifts. Often times it is impossible to tell if a piece of woodcraft was created by hand or through the use of machinery. This is because, often times, a piece of woodwork is actually a product of a combination of both power tools and hand tools.

This is because most individuals use power tools to create the rough shapes and then use hand tools in order to create the detail and finish work. As a result, you can easily, with a minimal amount of talent and skill, create wonderful pieces of woodworking art. This makes it possible for any individual with the ability to use woodworking tools to create these pieces where previously only skilled artisans with years of practice were able to create such works.

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