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9 Things You Gotta Have in Your Disaster Kit

Do you freak out a bit when the power goes out for more than 20 minutes at your house? If so, chances are you might not be prepared in the case of disaster. We get so busy with our lives; it’s easy to put off doing a little prepping for disasters and the unexpected. But you can change all that with these simple tips you can take action on today.

A little planning goes a long way especially when it comes to disasters. Take a second to read through this list and get prepared and get some peace of mind. Although there are many ways of preparing for disasters, your family could prepare a disaster plan where everything from escape routes and emergency communication can be discussed. However, the most important thing in this disaster plan should be the family’s disaster kit.

By design, a disaster kit should be able to help you survive until help is at hand or until the disaster has abated. In case of floods (where you could be confined inside your home), a disaster kit should be able to provide for food and source of power while waiting for help; during earthquakes, power lines could be severed so your kit should be able to bridge those few days that you are without electricity. Your disaster kit is there for your survival.

But what’s IN a disaster supplies kit? Take a pen and paper and start jotting down:

1. The most basic necessities during a disaster are: water, food, supplies for first aid and sanitation, extra clothes and beddings.


2. Keep in mind that the best time frame for any disaster kit would be AT LEAST 72 hours. So when you are planning for food that you would include in your kit, you should always multiply that by three.


3. Remember to put the necessary supplies inside an easy to carry bag (a backpack or duffle bag will do). The key here is for you to be able to get it immediately during a disaster and to carry it around with you if you have to.


4. For water: Remember to buy bottled water in advance. They are the safest and the easiest to carry. Keep in mind that different people have varying needs for water. For mothers who are still nursing their children, people who are ill or even children all have varying needs. Remember also that when the weather is hot or humid, the body would need more water so better be prepared for it.


5. For food: Keep in mind that what you should bring with you are non-perishable foods. Store at least a 3-day supply of the following: canned meat or vegetables, canned soup or juices, salt, sugar, pepper (if you must), vitamins, and foods that provide energy (energy bars!). If you have kids in your family, better bring cookies and candies, too.


6. For your first aid supplies: Better bring bandages and gauze in different sizes, tweezers, scissors, wet towelletes, needle, any brand of antiseptic, thermometer, petroleum jelly, latex gloves and soap. It is also advisable to include non-prescription medicines such as aspirin, antacid, anti-diarrhea drugs and laxatives.


7. Sanitation provisions include: toilet papers, soap, garbage bags, disinfectant, chlorine and personal hygiene supplies.


8. Regarding clothing, it is necessary for each person to have at least one set of clothes and shoes (for one change). If you would need heating (and the disaster has severed that, too), then you could include a jacket and some bedding for each family member.


9. One very small but very important tool is a Swiss Army knife. This has everything that you would need during a calamity. With this, it is highly important to also bring spare batteries for your radio or TV.

Together with all the above, be sure to know some items that are not in the list but are necessary for some members of the family such as: nursing formula for infants, feeding bottles, diapers, medications, and important personal documents. For the documents, be sure that they are kept in a durable plastic envelope, plastic bag or plastic container.


These are the most basic and absolutely the most important things that you should include in your disaster kit. When you have put them all in your bag, be sure to store them in a place where you have easy access even during emergencies. Remember, be prepared in advance to lessen the panic!

Here’s a List of 5 Collecting Hobbies You Could Pick Up

Nothing beats the thrill of collecting things you are interested in. Finding that rare, sought after piece that you’ve been looking for never gets old. If you need some ideas of things to collect, check out this list of 5.

People collect objects for different reasons. Either they have an interest in that certain object or it means something to them. Whatever the reason, people consider this hobby to be fun, and it gives them pleasure.

Here are five of the most popular objects that people collect for a hobby.

1. Bottles

– Bottle collecting has been a popular hobby since the 1970s. The bottles that people collect range from beverage bottles to medicine bottles. Many times these bottles are considered to be unusable, but much of the joy is in finding new items to add to the collection.

2. Antique Toys

– Often times collectors collect the toys from their childhood because it brings back memories, or because they really enjoyed that toy when they were younger. Antique collecting is one of the oldest hobbies. When collecting antiques, you need to know that you can’t just leave them on shelves without taking care of them properly. Despite this responsibility, this hobby is a lot of fun.

3. Marbles

– Collecting marbles is a very unique hobby because of the different elements of beauty within each different marble. Everyone has a different preference to the look of the marble that they collect, as there’s such a variety available. This specific collecting hobby is fun and offers you knowledge upon collecting each new marble.

4. Stamps

– Stamp collecting gives you a wide knowledge and effective means of communicating with other people. When collecting things like stamps, you are given the opportunity to travel around the world. When traveling to those new places, you meet new people who will leave an impact on your life and vice versa.

It is said that when collecting stamps you should ensure that they are in good condition. However, if you want your stamps to show some age, don’t feel obliged to follow what people say. A stamp that is in good condition is said to have perfect centering, perfect gum, and brilliant color.

5. Jewelry

– Many people collect pieces of jewelry that are unique and one of a kind. People are drawn to collecting jewelry because of the creativity, imagination, and relaxation it brings to a person. Once getting a rare piece of jewelry, collectors will often want to gain some knowledge of the piece of jewelry they possess, including finding out about the history of the specific piece of art.

Collecting hobbies do amazing things for you as a human. For most people, collecting is a lot like an adventure that is never quite complete. Searching for antique things or objects that mean something to the collector brings a feeling of joy and happiness to a person.

Remember that when collecting, you don’t have to collect a certain type of something just because a majority of people do. Collect the things that make you most happy.

Save Money On Winter Heat By Focusing on These 2 Areas

Winter isn’t coming, it’s already here.

Ugh. Winter.

Not only is it cold outside, you get to top it off with a big fat heating bill from the utility company.

The good news? It won’t stay winter forever.

More good news? You can save money on your heat bill by focusing on these two weak spots in your home.

These two spots are where most of you energy gets sucked out: Windows and Doors.

But you can stop some of this fairly easily. Even if you’re not very handy. Let’s take a look.


The first thing that you will want to target is your windows.

If you have a bunch of money, the easy thing to do would be to replace your old windows with new energy efficient ones. But if you could do that, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article.

Fortunately, you can do a lot to your old windows to get the drafts to stop and start saving money.

You can start by reglazing your windows and working on the hardware to make sure that they are sealing tight. You also want to repair any cracks in the glass.

If that sounds a little too technical, go to the store and get some clear window covers. The kind that looks like a giant piece of saran wrap. These are easy to install and they are effective.


Again, if you had a million dollars, you could buy new doors that sealed tightly. If you don’t, you can still stop a lot of the draft. Check all around the door seal to feel where the air is coming in.

Many times, you can feel quite a draft from the bottom of the door if its not sealed correctly. You can buy seals and weatherstrips for the bottom of the door. If that’s not an option, the cheapest way to deal with it is to stick a rolled up towel in front of the door.


Windows and doors are the main culprit when it comes to letting out the nice warm air that you paid so much to heat. You can save money on your bill by keeping that air from escaping using a few simple tricks.

Not only will you save money, but your home will be more comfortable without cold drafts blowing across your living room.

Need a Hobby? Here are 40+ Awesome Hobbies to Pick Up

Have you ever thought “I need a hobby. . .” Well, you were right! So we are here to help you find one with this great list of hobbies to pick up along with resources to help you get started.

Hobbies have proven to be very beneficial to people. They give you time to relax and to do things that you enjoy doing. Having a specific hobby has also helped many people to make new friends, keep the brain sharp, and even make money in some cases.

Hobbies to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Some hobbies are better than others to make you problem solve and to think. These are especially important as you age. Some hobbies that are best for keeping your brain sharp include:

* Puzzles, crossword puzzles, and brain teasers
* Card games like bridge and solitaire
* Learning how to draw and paint
* Learning how to play a musical instrument
* Playing chess
* Learning a new language
* Participating in trivia games

Hobbies for the Family and Kids

Certain hobbies are perfect for you to do with your family. They allow you to bond better with your loved ones and get to know them better. Hobbies that are best in ensuring you have a strong relationship with your loved ones include:

* Making model planes and trains
* Building with Lego
* Magic tricks
* Kite flying
* Going to zoos
* Playing with remote control cars
* Swimming and playing in pools

Hobbies for Adventurous People

It’s important to get out and get some exercise. Certain hobbies can help you to do that. Getting yourself outdoors can be very relaxing as you will see the beautiful scenery that surrounds you every day that you just don’t seem to have time to notice. For the adventurous, some of the key hobbies to help you get the needed exercise and relaxation include:

* Fishing
* Running, biking, or walking through parks, neighborhoods, or mountains
* Playing baseball, softball, or volleyball
* Swimming
* Traveling around the world
* Bird watching

Hobbies That Help You to Earn Money

Hobbies don’t just have to be something you do for enjoyment. Besides providing you with needed relaxation, there are a large variety of hobbies that provide you with money if you know how to advertise it right. Some of the most popular hobbies that provide people with the opportunity to earn money include:

* Photography
* Blogging and writing
* Craft making like cards, candles, and soaps
* Baking
* Graphic design
* Carpentry

Hobbies for Collectors

Collecting objects that you find fascinating or that mean a lot to you brings you a sense of peace and relaxation. Having a set of something that is solely your own and something you worked hard to get brings a sense of joy to a person. Some hobbies that give that to you include, but are not limited to, collecting:

* Books
* Spoons
* Coins
* Vintage or unique toys
* Sports memorabilia

Hobbies for the Crafter

Craft hobbies are very popular and provide a variety of benefits. Crafts bring a sense of relaxation and calmness to a person. With some crafts, it has been shown to increase their confidence. Some crafts that help people to do that include:

* Baking
* Painting
* Sewing
* Crocheting
* Knitting
* Scrapbooking
* Needle point
* Quilting

Hobbies for Stress Relief

Everyday life can be very stressful. Having a hobby to fall back on when things get hard and stressful is key to enjoying life. Some hobbies that provide stress relief include:

* Yoga
* Weight lifting
* Meditation

Hobbies provide people with so many benefits, and change us for the better. Here’s also a list of 5 collecting hobbies you could pick up. CLICK HERE. It’s important for humans to have something special we can do separately from our everyday, busy lives. So what’s your favorite hobby?