Advanced Woodworking Schools

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The first of our advanced woodworking schools to look at is the Lohr School of Woodworking. J.D. Lohr’s “Practical Woodworking” is a forty eight hour course that teaches you all the skills necessary to become a truly master woodworker. Students of all levels can benefit from this class, but it is truly meant to be enjoyed by advanced woodworkers. As with any woodworking instruction, students will be working with power tools so caution is first and foremost.

The school boasts four table saws, three jointers, three drill presses, two thickness planars, two wood lathers, full dust collection, spindle shapers, bandsaws, jig saws, scroll saws, as well as dozens of routers and jig accessories. In addition to these the school is fully stocked with all the assorted high quality tools you need to really bring your woodworking to another level. They offer a 48 hour boot camp so that you can go and get your skills up without having to wait years and months. This school is highly recommended.

Next on our list of advanced woodworking schools is the Homestead Woodworking School. This school, located in Newmarket, New Hampshire, offers classes for all skill levels. All of the instructors are professional woodworkers in addition to be teachers and each offers there own areas of specialization to help you get the most out of your woodworking talent.

They offer many different courses throughout the year so check their website to find a class that is good for you. In addition they offer a comprehensive ten week course that takes you from the history of woodworking to its practical applications.

Connecticut School of Woodworking
The final school on our list of advanced woodworking schools is the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking. This school offers classes starting with the fundamentals working up to professional furniture finishing techniques. They boast an extensive list of classes and instructors, so check their website to find what most applies to your skill level and interest.

Any of these three schools would be a good choice, but give them each a call to find the right one for you.
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