7 Hacks to Save Money and Live Better

A better future depends on how you prepare for it.

Be super aggressive and disciplined when it comes to saving money to have a better life. There’s no such thing as deflation during this era, almost all prices continue to rise up and it never stops and if you’re not aware of how you will go with that flow you’ll going to lose your grasp to live a better life.

The following hacks will help you handle every cent you receive and you’ll surely save millions of money if you do it all.

7 Hacks to Save Money

1. Follow a budget rule.

Follow a budget rule

Automatically save a portion of your salary by setting your own budget rule. We will provide an idea on how you can budget your money more efficiently and effectively if applied with honesty and discipline.

4 areas of your Budget Rule

  • 20% for wants
    In this section, you can buy anything you want as if you are giving back to your own self. Spoil yourself!
  • 10% for tithes
    Tithes are for God and not for us. It’s not just a way of returning a favor but more of obeying His command. You must not skip this part of your budget habit for Him to bless you more.
  • 30% for necessities
    This 30% of your salary is for more important events of your living such as paying bills, supporting basic necessities, and other major expenditures.
  • 40% for savings
    I think 40% is enough room for your savings. You can invest it in a bank, trust funds or set it aside for long-term goals.

2. Avoid using credit cards.

Avoid using credit cards

By this hack, you can visibly monitor your expenses as you can perceive your total actual cash on hand. It can prevent you from spending too much as there will be a thinking of having not enough pennies to buy an overly expensive thing or whatsoever.

According to research, not using credit cards in buying things is an effective way to save more money and to spend less.  For further information, in using credit cards you can encounter high-interest rates, surcharges, fraud, advance fees, and other fees.

3. Cost-cutting to save money.

Cost-cutting to save money

Set aside your money on your immediate and future needs instead of storing up on luxurious stuff. Not all things deserve your “yes”, sometimes you have to say “no” or “not yet” just to cut the cost you are spending.
Cost-cutting includes:
• Giving up your bad habits/vices to save money.
• Lessen going out to drink coffee.
• Avoid visiting online shops.
• Save energy consumptions.
• Eat healthy foods with low-cost.
• Drink more water rather than other beverages.

4. Buy quality products.

Buy quality products

Expensive products don’t mean quality products, as well as inexpensive products, doesn’t mean poor quality products. There are cheaper ones who will render you long-lasting use products.

Be practical in acquiring new things and look for ways where you can save money even if you’ve purchase bulk of a product.

5. Repair old stuff.

Repair old stuff

Do not just throw your damaged things and be creative to fix it; if can be fixed. Sometimes we tend to buy and buy things without knowing we already have that kind of stuff or equipment that just needs to be fixed, it can really affect your savings. For example, it is less costly if you buy another set of remote battery rather than buying a whole set of a remote control.

6. Have a healthy lifestyle.

Happy woman   on the sunset in nature in summer with open hands

A Healthy lifestyle keeps a doctor and lots of medication away so you better do daily exercises, drink lots of water and eat healthy foods to avoid sickness. Hospitalization and medications are both costly but can be prevented if you’ll have a changed lifestyle.

7. Uninstall online shop apps on your phone.

Uninstall online shop apps on your phone

If you really desire to save money and live a better life, stop being a shopaholic. To be fair, online shops are not a bad platform (actually it’s for convenience) but it’s a great temptation for you to spend money. Yes, it’s cheaper online but that’s the real reason wherein you got addicted to pressing the button “add to cart” frequently. This is a real talk!


These hacks will not work if there’s no discipline in you to voluntarily apply it and there are so many hacks not included on the list that for sure you already know but you continue to disregard it.

Now, choose to save at all times because life is too short to waste it on “not so important” things or activities.
You’ll better have self-discipline in order to save money starting today. Together, let’s embrace a better life!

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