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10 Christmas Card Ideas That Will Make Your Friends and Family Say Wow!

Just a couple more months to go and it would be Christmas time again! Who doesn’t even like Christmas? I know almost every one of you love the winter holiday with all the fancy foods, Christmas gifts, family get-together, and of course the creative Christmas cards.

Creating your own unique Christmas card can be really fun, you’re the one who is in control with the design and what the card will say. Even if you are not the most crafty person out there or even a professional, you can still create a Christmas card that would definitely turn out something pretty amazing that would Wow! your friends and family.

10 Easy-To-Make Christmas Card Ideas

Before you randomly create your own card, you should have an idea what your designs would be and what it would say. There is a wide range of incredible designs that you can find out there, which is why it can be a bit hard to choose out the best of them all.

That is why we have prepared this article for you to be able to get a couple of great ideas for your Christmas cards. Here are several card suggestion ideas with a tutorial video:

1. Pinwheel Christmas Cards

Pinwheel Christmas Cards

If you are looking for cute and unique cards ideas, then you should definitely try out the pinwheel card design. It isn’t just a simple square card that you open, but it has a pinwheel-like an effect upon opening it to read the message.

2. Elegant Christmas Cards

Elegant Christmas Cards

If an elegant card is your thing, then you should check out this beautiful design. The elegant design of this card is not only fancy, but it would also highly impress your family with its great design.

3. Pop-Up Standing Card

Pop-Up Standing Card

How about a pop-up card with a twist? Check out this unique card design where it can bring out the artist in you. Aside from reading a message you can also display the card at your living room drawer.

4. Watercolor Christmas Card

Watercolor Christmas Card

Not really into drawing, or maybe suck at it? Then this idea would be great for you, all you need would be papers, scissors, color, and other necessary materials for crafting. Your family and friends would definitely love this design.

5. Tree Card

Tree Card

How about making a traditional Christmas tree card? Christmas trees design will never be phased out when it comes to Christmas cards. Watch the tutorial on how you can create your own cute little card.

6. Snowflakes Spinner Christmas Card

snowflakes Spinner Christmas Card

Snowflakes are another trademark sign for Christmas, create your own snowflakes card that is unique enough, and where no one can find it on any other store. Making this card is very simple, just listen carefully to the video’s instructions.

7. Simple Pop-Up Christmas Card

Simple Pop-Up Christmas Card

Here is another pop-up card that is much simpler, but still unique enough to wow your friends and family. You can also teach your kids and other younger members in your family to create their own ones. Just make sure that the younger ones have proper parental guidance, or at least an adult beside them to avoid accidents.

8. Window Christmas Card

Window Christmas Card

Window cards are actually quite popular for their cute designs, you can also try creating one on your own. Fill it with your own designs and Christmas greeting that would make anyone’s holiday merry.

9. Glittering Christmas Cards

Glittering Christmas Cards

Glittering Christmas cards are another popular design that you can find in the market, but what if none of the glittering cards in the market got your attention? The answer is that you should make one. Making sparkling cards are really easy to make, so make sure that you have all the materials you need.

10. Magic Santa Christmas Card

Magic Santa Christmas Card

And last but definitely not the least from the list is the magic Christmas card, this would be the best Christmas card idea that you can make that can make anyone who sees it drops their jaws. It may look a bit complicated to make, but it is actually easy and very simple.


Another great thing that can make you or someone else’s Christmas holiday more memorable, than just giving him or her presents, or inviting them to a Christmas dinner, is by sending him or her with a cute and unique Christmas card that would definitely make their Christmas merrier.

I hope that this article has given an idea or more with all the listed unique Christmas card ideas. They are very easy to make that you can even finish them in less than an hour.

5 Awesome Tiny House Plans

It’s not about how big your house is but on how a person living in it makes a home.

Tiny house plans became famous for the generation who loves being practical in terms of cost. Because one of its advantages is less financial stress for it needs lesser materials and also in labor for building this kind of houses for you can do it just by yourself. Also when you want to live in peaceful surroundings, tiny house plans can help.

Building a tiny house demands details on how you can customize it; in terms of its doors, windows, walls or ceilings, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, lighting, stairs. As your space was not that huge, it is important for you to know how to maximize it.

Let me give you a glimpse of awesome tiny houses:



If you love nature, this suits your tiny house plan. But make sure you are not going to destroy a tree for the sake of a house, that’s a no, no. This plan requires the safety of everyone who resides in it for it may cause minor accidents if they are being careless; especially for the young ones. Let me give you some choices on how you will build your tree house.

  • Plain but simple

Plain but simple

You can make it simple on your own little ways. Just by adding tires as design or enhancing its lighting to make it lively at night.

  • Colorful


You can paint the colors you love. May it seems elegant, lovely, and neutral or whatever you want it to look like. Be artistic. Make it seem more personalize by adding unique images on the walls.

  • Hideaway style

Hideaway style

This is usually seen in movies. It is kind of dramatic. This could be good for late night picnics or stargazing.

  • Treehouse with a deck

Treehouse with a deck

You can put a deck to add on some space for your tiny house.  If you want to breathe in fresh air, go on the deck.

Market house

Market house

This tiny house plan is suitable for anyone who has a small business running. Less hassle for you to move in place your products and also it will lessen your cost for rent of stalls. You are at home making profits and that sounds good. It can also be moved from one place to another for it has wheels. Forgetting some stuff is not a big deal anymore for it is also your home.

Energy controlled house

Energy controlled house

This is applicable to those who live in an area away from civilization where energy power cannot reach them. A solar energy will be used. It is costly but can benefit you for a long time. It can also lessen the impact on environment on using a lot of consumption of electricity. Since you will just build a tiny house, your cost of setting up a solar energy system will also be lessened.

Some reminders to consider:

  • Contact a legit solar expert or electrician to set up your solar power.
  • Minimize your consumption of energy to avoid lack of electrical
  • Avoid using appliances that consume a lot of electrical
  • Place the panels in an appropriate space near the house built.
  • Ensure the batteries’ safety.



Minimizes your cost for electricity for in daylight you do not have to switch on the lights for the natural light will enlighten your day. This will give you a warm feeling with the help of the nature surrounding you. It might look small at first glance but on the inside, it contains much material that includes kitchen, laundry area, bedroom, and storage room. This does not demand a critical landscaping for it is far from the city, it is nice even if it seems simple.

Neighboring tiny houses

Neighboring tiny houses

To all the best of friends out there, this is what you are looking for. Invest to make a house plan like this happen. You can bond with your friends any time of the day by just knocking on your neighbor. With just 8 acres of land, you can build four tiny houses. There is no need to miss your friends’ special occasions for they are too near to you.

As an end, invest for tiny houses and you won’t regret it. It may take you some troubles on how to maximize its space but there are lots of websites that can help you. Especially it is hard to invest immediately in huge houses or a bungalow; you can start with just a tiny house. As mentioned above are just some of the awesome plans that you can consider.

Want easy step by step plans to build a tiny home using shipping containers? Check this out these secret tips revealed by someone who’s been doing it for 14 years. CLICK HERE


5 DIY Home Decor Ideas On A Budget

Everyone wants to make their houses look neat, fancy, and highly decorative. But what if you don’t have the money to buy some fancy decorative items or furniture for your home? DIY is the answer to that question.

Rebuilding old furniture or transforming recycled materials into good-looking decorations will surely help you save some costs. And even if you are not a crafty person, you can still start your DIY project with the help of a friend or a few video tutorials.

5 Best DIY Home Décor Projects: Transform Your Home from Dull to Fancy Looking House

5 Best DIY Home Décor Projects Transform Your Home from Dull to Fancy Looking House

In this article, we will share with you 5 of the best Do-It-Yourself home decors that are easy enough to be done alone. Rebuild and transform all the materials in your house that are bound to be stored in your attic or basement, or thrown out into the dumpster.

But if you don’t have enough re-usable things in your home, you can just purchase cheap items that are necessary for your project.

1. Repaint or Redesign Your Walls By Using Everyday Items

Wall paint and decorations play a huge role when it comes to your home’s interior design. Here are some wall ideas that you can try:


  • Use Tape as a Guide

Use Tape as a Guide

You can create triangular patterns by placing strips of tape on your plain white wall. The un-taped part of the wall is where you’ll paint it with different colors.


  • Paint an Image

Paint an Image

You can paint an image of a tree, bird, or any other kinds of unique images in any parts of your house.


  • Create DIY Picture Frames

Create DIY Picture Frames

Show off your crafting skills by making your own DIY frames. You can use old plywoods that are stored in your basement or shed as a canvass. Clean the board and cover it up with paper, or paint it with white paint. After the white paint dries, you can paint the desired image.


  • Paint Your Walls with Effects

Paint Your Walls with Effects

If painting your wall with tapes or images is not your style, then why not paint it with effects by using normal items such as crumpled rags, plastic, paper, or sponge. While the wall’s paint is wet, dab it with any of the given items to create irregular patterns. The result will surely amaze you.

2. DIY Wall Shelves

Make your own wall shelf without stressing about using a hammer, or maybe even a drill. Here are three examples of DIY wall shelves:


  • Use an Industrial Pipe

Use an Industrial Pipe

You may have seen a couple of unused industrial pipes back in your storing place. Rather than let it rust down, why not use it as a holder for plywoods so that you can use it as a shelf. You can check out its tutorial.


  • Roped Shelves

Roped Shelves

Are you looking for a unique wall shelf design that is still chick enough to fit in your house? Then you should try out this rope shelf, it may seem a like an accident is about to happen, but it is actually accident-proof and strong enough to withstand the weight of any heavy items.


  • Wall Corner Shelves

Wall Corner Shelves

Most households have a lot of unused corners on their walls, so why not make use of that free space. Try to squeeze in a couple DIY floating shelves on your wall and load it with plants, frames, books, figurines, and more. But unlike the others, you will do a lot of hammering and drilling with this one.


3. Rearrange Your Furniture

Rearrange Your Furniture

You can dramatically change the look and ambiance of your home by rearranging your furniture. And this is totally cost free! And if you want, you can add in DIY furnitures such as cabinets, drawers, small tables, and more. You can build your own furniture by using old crates, plywoods, and even an old wooden barrel.

4. Purchase Second-Hand Items

purchase Second-Hand Items

Rather than buying new items, it would be much better if you look around in the yard or garage sales in your neighborhood. There are a lot of items that you can use there, you can buy an old chipping cabinet and use some of its parts to finish your DIY project.

5. Use Old Fabrics

Use Old Fabrics

Don’t throw your old clothes or any fabric items, as you can still use it to redesign a couple of things in your house, like for example covering your lampshade with an old stylish cloth in a ruffled design. You can make also make your own wall curtain with the fabrics.


So there you have it, with these DIYs you can save at least 50% to 100% of your budget money. Rather than spending it with expensive home decorations, you can just buy a couple of useable things and use it to create your unique item. Make your house look homier with these DIY home décor ideas.


5 Fun DIY Projects For Kids

Weekends— family time! You can go shopping or have fun outdoor activities with the kids. However, if you do not have a plan in place, then you can make your weekend bonding with your kids more creative and fun by doing some of the coolest DIY projects, instead of just watching TV or playing video games.

There are tons of DIY projects for kids you can try. If you don’t know where to start, try these 5 DIY projects first.

1. Galaxy Slime

This fun and easy craft is the galaxy sky version of a slime that will have your kids fall in love with its elasticity, sparkles and adorable and dreamy texture. It is super inexpensive and can keep your kids busy for hours.

What you will need:

  • Acrylic paint (optional)
  • Food coloring
  • ½ cup of liquid cornstarch
  • Clear glitter glue


  • Mix glue, liquid cornstarch and food coloring in a bowl. You can either add a clear glue, then your favorite glitter or use a pre-glittered glue.
  • Stir the ingredients and check for its consistency. If it is too thin or does not have the texture of a slime, then you can add more liquid starch, one teaspoon a time. Stir it every time you add until you reach the desired “slimy” texture.
  • Once they are mixed, you can knead the dough to get a teal colored slime. You can add some color to the mixture with acrylic paints.
  • Lay each colored slime side by side then mix them together. You will definitely get a glittery galaxy-looking slime!

2. Paper Plate Dream Catchers

Have your kids craft a stylish way in order to catch their dreams every night. The best part about a paper plate dream catcher is that there are infinite possibilities to decorate them, so you can have colorful and unique varieties of dream catchers for your kids.

What you will need:

  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pony Beads
  • Feathers
  • Glitter
  • Sequins
  • Crayons
  • Yarn
  • Paper plates (uncoated plates work best)


  • Cut the center of the paper plate and leave the outer ring.
  • Punch holes along the inner edge of the ring as well as 3 holes at the bottom to hang feathers and another 2 holes at the top for hanging.
  • Let your kids use their imagination and decorate one or both sides of the paper plate ring with glitters, sequins, crayons and more.
  • Cut 3 strings of yarn. Tie a feather to one end of each yarn. Next, string beads to the yarn and feather.
  • Cut a lengthy yarn you can string across the middle of the paper plate. Tie the yarn on one hole.
  • Weave the yarn through holes across the center of the paper plate ring in order to create a web. You can also add a few beads to the yarn to add a decorative touch.
  • Add a loop of yarn for hanging at the top hole. Also, attach the feathers at the bottom.

3. Pop Bottle Fireflies

Try your kid’s glowing creativity with these glow in the dark bottle fireflies you can hang in their rooms and watch over them during nighttime!

What you will need:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam sheets
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glow sticks
  • Tissue paper
  • Pop bottles or water bottles


  • Cut some strips of tissue paper.
  • Brush on a layer of Mod Podge to the center of the bottle which will be the body of your firefly.
  • Apply the tissue paper to the area with Mod Podge, then smooth it out. Next, add another layer of Mod Podge.
  • Once it dries, wrap three pipe cleaners around the bottle. Twist in order to form the legs.
  • Cut 2 wings out of the foam and glue it on the top with a hot glue.
  • Put a glow stick inside designed bottle.
  • Glue the eyes on the lid.
  • Wrap another piece of pipe cleaners around the lid for the antennae.
  • Make them in different colors.

4. Wind Chime Craft

This simple wind chime craft can be a wonderful decoration for your garden that produces a lovely fairy sound. Fun to make and made out of recycled materials, it is an ideal DIY project for kids!

What you will need:

  • A small clump of play dough
  • Scissors
  • Small jingle bells
  • Beads of different sizes and shapes
  • String or Thread
  • Plastic cup


  • Using the play dough, make 4 to 5 holes around the mouth of the cup.
  • Pass the thread through the holes and do a double knot in order to make it secure.
  • Let your kid add different beads to the threads.
  • Once the beads are on the string, add colorful jingle bells at the bottom.
  • Once done, tie a double knot at the end, making sure it is secure.
  • Put the wind chime to your porch or garden where it can catch the wind and produce little fairy bell sound throughout the day!

5. Ocean in a Bottle

One of the easiest and fastest science activities for your kids, an ocean in a bottle project is a really beautiful-looking bottle you will see yet!

What you will need:

  • Funnel
  • Large Bottle
  • Blue food coloring
  • Cooking oil
  • Water


  • Fill 1/ of your bottle with water.
  • Add a few drops of food coloring and shake to mix it with the water.
  • Add oil and fill out to the top.
  • Close it with the lid and let the fun begin— just tip the bottle upside down or shake it and watch the bottled ocean come to life!


5 Small House Ideas to Make Your Tiny Home Liveable

Tiny Home, or sometimes identifies as “small house”, means being content of what is enough and essential, living in a fullness, and creating a life in concentrated with what is more important.

To live in a small home makes your creativity boost in a hurry. And, taking charge of your limited space in an efficient way that still makes your tiny home more livable could be a quite challenge. From small living and dining rooms to small kitchens, small comfort rooms, small bedrooms, and storage solutions in a small space.

For this reason, it comes up on deciding if where all your stuff goes and what you’re going to do with all your stuff? Just because you are living in a limited space it doesn’t mean that you have to think in a limited way. You must have the mindset of,’ even though it was small yet spacious’. Here are some home ideas to make your tiny home much more livable:

1. Choose Your Furnishings In Two Or More Duty, Or Purposes

When space is limited, pieces that can do two or more duty or purposes are a key; from a desk that could easily transform into a table, to a couch was a perfectly packed for the living area. Or, your seating that can turn into storage. Then, it was more worth livable in things that can perform into two or more purposes.

2. A Round Dining Table and Chairs

Throw away the giant tables and have yourself an extra space by choosing and opting to a roundtable. A round dining table and chairs take up less space and make the area appear openly. Round tables and round chairs are great for managing out a bit of premium space. Thus, it provides a better flow throughout the area and can offer and cater more of the seat to people.

3. Shelves instead of Regular Cabinets (in Kitchen)

Obviously, the most possible choice to kitchen cabinets for tiny homes is shelves. It was expected that you have only the limited space, so it is more preferably to use shelves than installing lots of cabinets in your kitchen room. So, using shelves instead of regular kitchen cabinets might work so well if you are likely to have a more space to move around.

Aside from Shelves, here are some alternatives to Kitchen Cabinets for small houses;

  • A Hoosier Cabinet

Rather than a shelf, try to consider installing a Hoosier cabinet. A type of cupboard that is free-standing in designed, very applicable to storing flour, spices and other condiments and items.

  • Repurposed Cabinets

It is your budget that was concerned about, repurposed cabinets is a good choice; of course, it is much cheaper than the brand new.

  • Pockets and Bags

It is not the usual option for storing items but it can perform the same as well. By means of attaching a hook and then hanging on it the pockets and bags wherein it can hold items that arein your kitchen.

  • A Dishrack

A quick and easy tool, rather than storing your plates and utensils into your cupboard better use a dish rack so as you wash the dishes, put it on the dish rack, let it dry, and then able to take it again and use it for another meal.

  • Jars and Containers

The easiest and the simplest way to store your items, you just have to stack up everything in order using jars and containers.

  • A dresser

A dresser is another piece of kitchen storage wherein you can store your food, cutlery, and utensils.

  • Boxes, Crates, or Pallets

You can also use boxes, crates, or pallets as kitchen storage by collecting them then fixing it to create a drawer applicable for your tiny home.

  • Under-Shelf Wire baskets

In this situation, when you have had already shelves or cupboards in your tiny home, you may notice the unused space in there. Thus, you can have more extra shelves by simply hanging wire baskets underneath the old one.

  • A Cabinet and Shelving

To keep your belongings easy and simple in your small house, you can install a cabinet and shelves that can hide your things over the curtains.

  • Rails and Hooks

Instead of hiding your kitchen utensils behind the curtain, you could at least hang them up and be seen. By attaching rails and hooks on your wall, you can now hang anything you want from your kitchen

  • A magnetic Strips

It looks so brilliant, the idea of using magnetic strips for your kitchen items than seeing it hang off on the walls.

  • And, a kitchen food box shelf

A storage shelf is the latest trend custom-made food container online. Thus, it is able to store all sort of foods in your kitchen.

As it was named and listed, there are lots of storage solutions you may use rather than shelves or regular kitchen cabinets for your small houses.

4. Hang Your TV on the Wall

A place for media needs to provide a big space in your limited living room area. For this reason, you can hang your TV on the wall so that you can use back the necessary space for the floor. And finally, you will have a better and comfortable viewing in your tiny home.

5. Make Every Piece Count

Though the item was in your living room, kitchen area, bathrooms, and bedrooms or ‘relaxation area’, make sure every piece that was in there really counts. Has its own functionality and is essential for your everyday basis. And yet, doesn’t give a lot of space in your small house.

Final Thought 

Even if you are living in a big house or on the small ones, keep in mind that you can still live your life out to the fullest. It does not require having a big house to call it a livable home or even the small one does. It is out of your love and creativity that reflects on how you are living. Making every little space counts and performs it in reality.

Want easy step by step plans to build a tiny home using shipping containers? Check this out these secret tips revealed by someone who’s been doing it for 14 years.  CLICK HERE